Fluticasone propionate nasal spray

Fluticasone propionate nasal spray is a steroid drug sold in the US under the name Flonase Allergy Relief, Flonase, Veramyst and in Canada under the name Apo-Fluticasone; Avamys; Flonase; ratio-Fluticasone. This drug is used to ease allergy symptoms and signs

Before taking this drug you should tell your doctor if you ever had an allergic attack to this medicine or similar to this one, to food or any substance (you had a rash, your skin was itchy, you had trouble breathing, were coughing, wheezing, your face or tongue were swollen ecc.). It is also essential to tell the doctor if you are taking any of the following drugs: atazanavir, clarithromycin, conivaptan, indinavir, itraconazole, ketoconazole, lopinavir, nefazodone, nelfinavir, ritonavir, saquinavir, telithromycin, or voriconazole.

It is also essential to tell the doctor about any other prescription drugs you are taking or any medical conditions you have or had in the past. Always tell your doctor, dentist and surgeon that you are taking this drug. Use it only for alleviating symptoms of allergy and not for treating cold of asthma attacks. When taking this drug the chance of getting glaucoma or cataract is raised so take an eye exam if your doctor instructs you to. If you have not had chickenpox or measles at some point in your life or you have not been vaccinated try to stay away from people infected with this disease and talk to you doctor as soon as you do; talk to your doctor if you had contact with a person infected with tuberculosis.

If you would to change from oral steroids to another form of the same drug, you might experience some problems such as weakness, being tired, dizziness, an upset stomach, vomiting or signs of low blood sugar. If you experience any of these signs and symptoms talk to your doctor as soon as possible; when taking steroid drugs, having surgery, injury or infection could mean that you should take bigger doses of your drugs (it is advisable to carry a warning card with you); it is possible for this drug to affect growth in children so consult your doctor before giving it to children; tell your doctor if you are pregnant/plan to get pregnant or are breast feeding; if you had nose surgery or you have nose ulcers or sores tell this to your doctor; immediately after taking this drug you might experience sneezing or stinging.

While taking this drug, rare but very serious side effects can take place. Call you doctor immediately if you have any of these problems: signs of an allergic reaction (swelling, trouble breathing, coughing, ecc); signs of infection (coughing, fever, pains ecc); your nose is very irritated or has sores; you have white patches in your mouth; you can hear wheezing when you breathe; your nose gets runny, has crusts or you experience an abnormal nose discharge; your eyesight worsens; tell your doctor if you experience any of these: nose irritation, headache, sore throat, nose bleeding, back pain, vomiting.

This drug should be taken in the appropriate manner: read the instructions and follow them, try not to miss doses, it is for nasal use only- do not use it in your mouth.

If you do, however, miss a dose take it when you remember but do not use two or extra doses at once .

If the symptoms and signs of your illness do not get better or even get worse, call your doctor. Do not share your medicine with others.

Fluticasone inhaler price

fluticasone inhaler 50mcg is sold at Canada drug pharmacy at 33USD for 120 doses, 240 doses for 51USD and 360 doses for 67USD.


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